What are

A lifestyle
without restrictions

Macros. Flexible Dieting. IIFYM.

You keep hearing all these terms. You keep seeing all these people looking healthy and happy and talking about "balance". But what is it?

There is so much information out there but the simple truth is that it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle with the number one goal of creating healthy eating habits.  It is a mindful and healthy approach to eating to fuel your body, based on what is right for you and your body and your goals. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, starving yourself on 1000 calories a day or never having energy.

Macronutrients (Macros) are the fundamentals of calories. They are the fats, proteins and carbohydrate content in each food item. Following a macro plan means eating ideal macronutrients based on your fitness goal, body type and more. It means balance.

What if I told you, you can achieve your goals by eating donuts or your favorite candy bar?! This is a lifestyle! Not a diet. Here on team HanJam Fitness, we don't know the definition of diet because we make this a lifestyle approach so that we can maintain healthy eating and develop a balance permanently!

One Time Macro Plan includes:

  • 1 custom macro plan
  • Intro to Macros Guide
  • Supplement Recommendation Guide
  • Access to HanJamFitness Community
  • 7-day trial membership to The Hybrid Joe Program

Get my macros!

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