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chuck roast
April 28, 2020nutrition

4 Ingredient Chuck Roast

As a kid, I HATED roast! As an adult, I figured out the KEY to the most savory and mouth watering roast recipe ever! The BEST PART?! YOU ONLY NEED 4 INGREDIENTS! I get asked repeatedly for this recipe so I finally decided to make a...

My Dream Oasis
March 26, 2020lifestyle

My Dream Oasis

Hey Hey! Two of my favorite hobbies are fitness AND decor! I just can't get enough of the two! As many of you know, Nick and I recently moved and one of our "musts" in a new home was a screened in patio! Now that Spring has sprung, I fig...

A Day of Eating
October 31, 2019nutrition

A Day of Eating

Your biggest request is here! A full day of what I eat! If you don't know, I follow a flexible dieting lifestyle approach to eating. I follow a certain number of macros custom for me (protein, carb, and fats) and hit them by the end of...

October 17, 2019nutrition

White Chicken Chili Recipe

Everyone's favorite fall dish is here! This time, it is healthy, macro friendly, and absolutely mouth watering! I created a very non-traditional (because I am an absolute dork) chili recipe video just for you. The reason I created this...

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