Meet Hanah



Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Pre/post Natal Exercise Specialist
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Group Fitness Specialist
Transformation/Behavior Modification Specialist
CPR Certified
1st Phorm Phase 1 Nutrition Certification
Crossfit Level 1 Certified
BEATBOSS Cycle Instructor Certified
Associates Degree in Exercise Science

My Mission

Hey Friend! I am glad you’re here! Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, on a huge property with lots of room to run around and cause trouble with my two older brothers, I was in every sport imaginable. Soccer, Softball, Dance, Basketball, Olympic Weightlifting, Karate, Volleyball, and Track and Field. Oh, the good times being a kid, right?!

Being a multi-sport athlete growing up, to competing in 3 bodybuilding competitions and multiple Cross-fit competitions, makes it clear fitness has been a huge part of my life. The journey is never easy, but it has been very important to enjoy it along the way to understand how and why I got to where I am today. This is because it is not one thing that makes people successful. It is the small tasks completed day in and day out. 90% of the battle is in the mind. When I shifted my mindset to more positive thinking, set the excuses aside, and just purely put in the work in all aspects of life, my entire life changed – For the better. One of my biggest accomplishments was when I earned my position as, and became an Elite Athlete for 1st Phorm in 2020. I want to always;

  1. Lead from the front
  2. Lead by example

And becoming a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete only solidifies that. Taking care of yourself is so important, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It can be easy to compare yourself to the highlight reel life of social media. I am here to remind you that you are on your own journey and no one knows where you came from. I am here to help you become the best version of yourself at every angle.

I strongly believe in carrying a healthy life outside of "Sports" or just a "Diet" and making it a lifestyle. That is what lead me to becoming a Fitness & Nutrition Coach in 2014. Staying active and eating to fuel yourself, not only improves your performance in sports or everyday life, but boosts your energy and self-confidence.

My personal mission is to be able to help as many people as I can become the best version of themselves. I want to show you that a healthy lifestyle does not have to be based off of a boring gym routine and bland diet!

A healthy lifestyle has balance; being able to enjoy social gatherings, dinners with your significant other, eating "fun" foods without the guilt, any type of fitness that YOU enjoy, AND REST(=recovery)!

With Love,

Hanah Rae