Red, White & Beautifully Defined – 6 Month Trainer


Designed as a full body trainer, this program focuses on split body parts (EX: bis/tris on Monday, legs on Tuesday) and this program will have you building lean mass in no time all while trimming that stubborn fat. The program completely changes every 4 weeks to keep you and your body from getting used to the same thing!

This program will teach you how to use damn near every exercise machine in the gym so in the future, you can seamlessly complete any kind of workout you’d like. It will teach you discipline — if you stick with the plan, you will see that discipline reaps results. You will be able to log your workouts, reps & weights with my handy guide I created along the way. Once the 6 months are over, feel free to repeat the cycle & this time, try beating your weights from the 1st round!

If you’re looking to take this program to the next level, proper eating with proper training, gives you optimal results. Combine this trainer with a one time macro plan or macro coaching!

Trainer highlights:

  • 6-months of workouts
  • Full calendar month view of workouts
  • Printable guide to record weights
  • Tips for the best results
  • Cardio schedule

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    Red, White & Beautifully Defined – 6 Month Trainer
    5 out of 5

    I can’t say enough about this program. I am on month 2 and I am already seeing differences in my body. The program is set up so you cycle the same workouts for 4 weeks and it lets you track your weights and reps so I can tell my weights are increasing and that is super exciting! I can’t wait to see what I will look (and feel) like at the end of the 6 months. I HIGHLY recommend!

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