How I became a FULL TIME online health & fitness coach | My unique story

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Have you ever wondered how someone becomes an "Online Coach" whether it be as a personal trainer, health coach, nutrition coach, or even business coach? It is crucial to know that there is no blue print to any online coaching business! Each person is so unique which comes with a totally different journey.

I believe that it will speak volumes and open up eyes to many of you who feel that there are certain ways to do things when in reality, you take it your own way and figure it out each day.

That said, in this vlog, I talk about my journey of how I dropped out of college and became a full time online health and fitness coach. I may have dropped out of college, but I did not stop learning one time along the way. I provide tips that worked for me and may help you to decide what will work best for you!

Check out my story!

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