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Do you get travel bloat, bloat from foods, have low energy, brittle hair, headaches or more? Do you simply suck at getting fruits & veggies in?! Because I sure as hell do!

I wondered why my eyelashes were so frail and short, why I had afternoon crashes, and why my skin was as oily as a domino’s pizza. I thought it was just a part of me. Then I went to the doctor for blood work and found I had a slightly lower red blood cell count. This wasn’t a huge deal, but it was big enough to bring to my attention what in the world am I doing wrong?

I eat healthy.
I hit my macros daily.
I work out.
I am active.
I get plenty of sleep.
I drink plenty of water.

Then it dawned on me… I am terrible at getting vegetables in which plays a HUGE role in a strong foundation for our bodies. Who has time to make a morning greens smoothie?! The thought sounds “cool” but let’s be real, ain't no one got time for that.

Even though I ate healthy, and took my vitamins 75% of the time, sometimes I forget (just being honest), I was nutrient deficient (Or Malnourished)! This BIG health guru, nutrient deficient?

Just when I thought I was doing everything right! The main issue here is that nutrient deficiency plays a HUGE role in all the symptoms I was having and more! And while it’s not like I am malnourished as if I hadn’t been fed in weeks and was living out in the the wild, it is still enough to grab my attention. America is fortunate enough have all of the resources to fix small issues such as this before they become larger, so I took action and did my research!

Common Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Hair loss/Thinning hair
  • Brittle Nails
  • Low Energy
  • Afternoon crashes/dizziness
  • Low libido
  • Headaches
  • Yellow or pale looking skin
  • Acne

So what was the ONE change I made to my diet and routine?

I added a greens drink in and have been drinking  Opti-Greens 50 every day for the last 10 months and let me tell you, I feel amazing and don’t go a day without it. It is a part of my daily routine. I can drink it any time of the day as long as I get it in at some point of the day. Although, I like to drink it first thing in the morning and load my body with a ton of goodness!

Opti-Greens 50 almost seemed like a magical supplement! At first, I thought the same thing. Then after research I realized, there is nothing special about it other than it having 11 servings of vegetables it provides loading it with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients simply from the earth. No added CRAP.

Unfortunately, in today’s typical American diet, foods are so stripped of nutrient value causing a high percentage of Americans to be malnourished. Even if you eat a few servings of vegetables a day, chances are you aren’t getting all the nutrients your body needs and craves. That is when you may notice symptoms that you thought were just “you” but are actually an easy fix. So, this is when the greens drink comes in.

Benefits I have noticed since taking the greens:

  • My skin has cleared up not only with acne, but overall complexion.
  • I no longer have chronic afternoon crashes (They were BAD!)
  • I have so much more natural energy!
  • Less headaches!
  • My lashes have never been as long as they are now!
  • My hair doesn’t fall out as much as it used too and is shinier than ever
  • I go to the bathroom like clockwork if you know what I mean. If you struggle with (I am just going to say it) pooping, often or even just sometimes, Opti-Greens 50 will help with that tremendously.
  • I don’t ever have bloat (I haven’t even discussed how this works yet!)
  • Oh! And HELLO regular red blood cell counts again! (There was no medicine needed. I caught it early enough and was able to fix it with my diet)

Keep in mind, these are just benefits I have noticed. Others have reached out to me sharing their stories how Opti-Greens 50 has literally been a life changer. People have shared with me that they have gotten off their prescription meds, helped tremendously with hair falling out post baby, helped IBS symptoms, cured chronic bloating and more!

BUT it just makes you wonder, how does a greens drink of what seems, “magical” help with ALL of these symptoms?

I can assure you it is not magic or placebo, it’s actually quite simple!
As I was saying earlier, the typical American diet does not usually supply us with our daily micro nutrient needs (minerals and vitamins). So, loading our body with these simple micronutrients, is what gives us all of these reaping benefits!

Often times, all we need to do is simply clean up our eating and supplement the right way. THAT will make you FEEL better AND heal what’s going on!
How do I know this? I have worked with literally thousands of clients, around the world 🌍, who have come back to me telling me their stories!

Opti-Greens 50 is loaded with 11 servings of vegetables!

Let me give you a little insight on how each benefit works from Opti-Greens 50!

  • 🌱BOOSTS your immune system 💯 (When you travel, feel free to double up on your greens to keep you from getting sick)
  • 🍌It rids bloat from all the digestive enzymes & probiotics allowing for the food in your stomach to breakdown and digest smoothly. (Do you get travel bloat, take greens before traveling and let it do its magic)
  • 🍅 Gives you beautiful skin & strong nails from all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals our bodies lack on a day to day basis with our diets.
  • 🍇 From proof of myself, rids headaches by hydrating you and loading your body, again, with vitamins & minerals & fruits & veggies that we don’t typically get in our average daily diet
  • 🍠 Rids those afternoon crashes because of all the vitamins and natural energy I’m getting loading up on minerals & vitamins in the drink itself!
2 Common questions I am asked:

Do I still need to eat vegetables?

I would highly recommend continuing eating vegetables whenever you can.

The wonderful thing about Opti-Greens 50 is you are getting such a variety of vegetables as there are 50 hand chosen ingredients in it all grown in the USA! Opti-Greens 50 also has a superfood complex blend of 8 organic grasses and greens and has the equivalent vitamins and minerals of a 2oz shot of juiced greens.

Can I take a different or cheaper brand of greens and receive the same benefits?

There are a TON of greens out there and I am guilty of buying the cheapest ones in the past, trying 10 different brands, a few that the most popular fitness inspo is promoting, and having them taste so gross, I just throw them out!

So, the answer is Yes there are a ton of cheap greens you can buy but here’s the thing. You won’t be getting all the nutrients it states as most greens are high temperature processed (meaning they cook so high of a temp., the product actually becomes denatured, losing nutrient value and the cheap processing can cause an upset stomach), whereas Opti-Greens 50 is low temp processed, best tasting greens, I have ever tasted. Plus, if you break it down, you're paying under $2 a day on your greens drink with 11 servings of veggies which is cheaper than buying 11 servings of fruits and veggies for the day, cheaper than an energy drink, and Starbucks.

I always suggest to people Don't put a price tag on your health.

Opti-Greens 50 is not the end all be all; but I can assure you, it’s changed my life so much that I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped!

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comment below so others can see the answers too!

Get me some Opti-Greens 50!

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  1. I have been following you for awhile now and always enjoy your posts and Instagram stories. You truely inspire me to get back to working out and eating healthy. I was a collegiate basketball player until this year due to a back injury and a not so great coach. Your constant positive attitude and hard work is incredible. Thank you.

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