10 Tips To Enjoy The Holidays Without Throwing Away All Your Hard Work!

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Loads of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and ALL the homemade pastries…

The Holidays are upon us and we have come so far with our fitness goals that the thought of a big homemade dinner and saying no Grandma’s homemade apple pie scares us!

What if I told you, you can enjoy your big family meal without throwing away all your hard work. You can in fact enjoy it while staying on track with your goals whether they are weight loss, weight/muscle gain, or maintenance.

Remind yourself that counting macros is not about restriction. In fact, it is the complete opposite and teaches you moderation for your own goals and body. Sadly, the American way (and many other countries) is to eat until you feel like a stuffed turkey (pun intended); leaving a scary statistic of 70.2% of America being overweight or obese. I truly feel that this is because people are uneducated in health and nutrition and it is my goal to reach as many people as I can to share my knowledge and help people on their health and fitness journeys.

With counting macros it is all about portion control. No food restrictions. That said, you CAN enjoy a holiday meal without derailing progress and just because it is a holiday, does not mean it is a free for all! Our bodies don’t know it is a Holiday. All our bodies know is it is another day of the week!

I wrote 10 of my best tips for you to enjoy thanksgiving without derailing all your hard work!

    1. Chew gum.

      Minty breath will keep you from wanting to graze at the table before its time to eat or while preparing the dishes!

    2. Start the day with a light workout!

      Getting even a 20 minute workout in on a day loaded with food will keep your metabolism moving, help burn more calories, and keep the bloat down. This does not give the excuse to think its okay to binge eat. This is a lifestyle and you are working on balance.

    3. Drink your greens first thing in the morning + after your big meal!

      Drinking a greens drink such as Opti-Greens, will not only prepare you for success with proper digestion and minimal bloat even with all the calorie rich foods you aren't used to eating, but it will also boost your immune system being around a ton of sniffling family members & kids! This will be a lifesaver! Opti-Greens helps with proper digestion, improving gut health, and loading your body with 11 servings of fruits & veggies, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants! #greensbeforecoffee

    4. Bring a healthier dish.

      It’s the holidays...most dishes will be super calorie dense but by bringing a healthier option it will allow you to have a second helping without the guilt.
      PS:  You don't even need to tell people it’s "healthier". Let them taste it and they will never know! You can check out Pinterest for tons of healthier recipes. Here is an example of a sweet potato casserole!

    5. Pick the one item you NEVER give up, cater your eating around that.

      For example, you will never give up those buttery mashed potatoes. Totally Understandable. That being said, grab your protein such a turkey or ham, get a scoop of the mashed potatoes, and for the rest of the meal find items with less fat and carbs and keep in mind your portion control.

    6. Skip the Alcohol (or 5+ drinks HAHA!)

      This is a big one, I understand. 1 or 2 won't kill ya, HOWEVER, depending on where you are with your goals, Alcohol can quickly derail progress and set you back. To replace that holiday drinking habit, bring your own drinks and sip on flavored sparkling water, or keep a water in your hands at all times in replace of the usual drink that sit in your hand.

    7. When you're about to cave and say "F-IT", stop for a second and ask yourself a few questions.

      I am going to feel good after this or sick from overeating?
      Is it worth it?
      Am I actually hungry or eating because it's in front of me?
      IF you want it THAT bad, sample it! Then walk away!

    8. Eat slower.

      Silly but true. We often tend to eat so fast that we don't realize we are actually full or satisfied. Our bodies take 20 minutes to let us know we are full. Have you ever eaten 3 plates so fast and all of a sudden, you’re so full, you feel like you’re going to roll over like a rolly polly olly? Eat slower & actually ENJOY the food. It’s a mental game. If you do this, you won't want seconds because you will give your body time to let you know you’re satisfied.

    9. Saving calories for the BIG Holiday Meal!

      You know you’re going to have a large meal. We are all aware! That said, have a small breakfast, at least get some protein in to get your body into an Anabolic state (burning fat for fuel = muscle gains) and wait to have most of your calories around the big Holiday meal!

    10. But am I counting calories & macros during the Holiday dinner?

      I realize counting macros will be almost impossible on Holidays. I have been at it for 7+ years through EVERY holiday. I don't want you obsessing over trying to count in your head. Today is a day to take what you know; eating in moderation, macros, and nutrition, and test yourself. Test your will power. It is going to be normal to over eat a little bit. A friendly reminder…It does not take a day to get fat nor does it take a day to get skinny...balance. Enjoy the yummy food but focus on portion control. Eat in moderation, listen to your body, and when you are full, STOP! If you can’t count perfectly on this day, do NOT stress. Get right back on track the next day!

If you follow these 10 steps, you will wake up the next day feeling ready to tackle the world and jump right back into your normal routine!

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

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