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I was literally in the middle of work and a fire lit under my ass. Quite the figure of speech huh?

No but for real. That fire was my intuition and gut telling me I am doing what I should be doing. I am doing what makes me happy! I am do what I love which makes it feel like a hobby over work.

As I sit here feeling so inspired by, well honestly myself & how far I have come, this fire lit under my ass that told me "HEY! Share your words of wisdom with everyone else! & NOW! Stop what you are doing and pour it out RIGHT NOW!"

If you are dream chaser, but just don't know what to do next, I suggest reading this.

So, as I usually listen to my intuition, here I am & am not honestly sure what I want to or am going to say

You are probably about to read a shmorgishborg of random stuff but listen!

This is how my ideas come about! This is how the magic happens! (On the business end we are talking about, of course.)

If an idea comes up of something you have always wanted to do, or create, or invent, or for your up and coming business, WRITE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

It is SO important to pursue what you are passionate about because when you do that, then your job becomes what you love doing & youll never have to work another day in your life.

You will come home happy to your family + significant other. It will be a positive ripple effect and who doesn't want that?

But, let me ask you this.... What is holding you back?

I'm sure I could take a stab at a few reasons why...or should I say excuses!

Job security

Health Insurance benefits

Not having a "degree" <- Blah blah to that. If you have one, I am SO proud of you, if you don't, I AM STILL so proud of you! Look at Steve Jobs, Rachael Ray... & you damn well KNOW those people follow their passion. It SHOWS!

​START: JUST START. Put your ideas to life. & while pursuing your dreams, passions, entrepreneurship, etc. then continue to educate yourself as needed. The key is just to start.

Fear? The What ifs? How many times have you what if'd in life and WERE right?! How are you supposed to know unless you don't try? And this goes for ALL aspects of life! Not just in the career, fitness, friendships, hobbies. Ive experienced it in every aspect I just named & have succeeded in them because I tried!

If it doesn't work, well guess what, you get BACK UP & keep pushing!

If it were easy, EVERYONE would do it. Real talk!

If that little but of jazz hasn't lit a small fire under YOUR ass, well take a moment to read this.

Im telling you,

I WAS in the rat race, going to college to pursue my degree in Education to become a teacher. I was STOKED! I love kids. I love HELPING people! (side note: weird how my passion still lead me to helping people, right?!)

Annnnd, I also loved working out, fitness, and training people while I was going to school to help pay bills. BUT I always thought, "No No...I need a normal office degree to succeed, to be able to pay my bills". blah blah blah.

I was being a damn negative nancy! Well being one of those isn't going to get you very far, trust me!

Well let me just say...when I was making more money personal training on the side during college, then I ever would as a teacher, that's when my mind really shifted. It's like the light bulb turned on.

I dropped that semester! Nope, not kidding.

I wanted to switch my degree. It only made sense. Not one class I was taking was going to transfer over to my new career path. Trust me, I tried. So I did. I switched my major to Business with a minor is exercise science.

Between all that, I was getting certs for nutrition, other certs for personal training, the whole 9 yards because I LOVE IT! I just wanted more more more and more and it really helped get me through the boring business classes. (zzZZzzzZ!)

During this time while going to school full time, I was also building HanJam Fitness! My business was taking off! It was a euphoric high, from working Can anyone say that?! I was addicted!

Its all I could think about. Its all I WANTED to do! Do you know what I did on my 21st Birthday?

I went to class, coached crossfit classes after class, and then went home and worked on my business until about 2 am. I didn't even have a lick of alcohol that day! It didn't phase me.

My friends were like "OMG Hanah, why didn't you do anything for your birthday?! I feel so bad!"

Well the difference is, I was super content! No need to feel bad!

Why did I do that though? It was fiery passion people talk about. It's a real thing and you will experience it when you find your passion.

Long story, short. Kind of.

The semester was coming to an end and since my business allowed me to work remotely, (which was always a dream and I PURSUED IT AND SUCCEEDED JUST LIKE YOU NEED TO!<3) I all of a sudden wanted to move to Arizona.

Ok come on, born and raised in the land of corn, good ol' Indiana. They call us region rats!

I was bored, I wanted change.

So with having my own business, being my own boss, being able to work anywhere I wanted, and the semester coming to an end, I told my family, "Hey mom & dad, in 8 weeks I want to move to Arizona"

They about pooped themselves. Were confused but supportive. I expected it. I honestly didn't know WTF I was doing, but something was just telling me to go & explore. So I did! Again, that intuition type thing, it's always right πŸ˜‰

So there I was, finished my semester, told myself ill get back into school once I get settled there.

I moved to Arizona, loved it. My business continued to grow. I simply just relocated myself!

Pleasures of being your own boss.

I remember telling myself as a kid that I would like to move out of NWI whenI grew up. I just wanted to explore and really, be somewhere warm year round!

I was sitting working one day at a coffee shop in Arizona and thought about all the times I told myself that.

About moving somewhere warm. & there I was.

It is the law of attraction. If you are wondering, yes I am a firm believer of the law of attraction and 100% believe that is why I am where I am today, but that is another story for another day. πŸ˜‰

BUT if you are interested, I suggest the book "The Secret". I watched the movie twice and read the book twice. It will change your life. (IF you have an open mind.)

ANYWAY! I had been in Arizona for just over a month & randomly met my now, Boyfriend Nick. That man, he is amazing. How that happened? Fate. I tell people daily. It was 100% fate. I could sit here and talk ALL day about why it was fate. But again, I am just going to leave it at "The law of Attraction" πŸ˜‰

Now here I am, moved to North Carolina to be with him. I was able to again, bring my career with me!

And again, HanJam Fitness continued to soar.

(side note: no, I have still not finished my degree but continue to pursue certs that are topic specific to improve HanJam Fitness one day at a time & yes, I do plan on finishing my degree. & SOON! Just another goal I have written down ;D )

Since moving to North Carolina, I am the happiest, EVER! I feel the reason I briefly moved the Arizona was to MEET Nick, to come here. Sound crazy? Most people will think so, but the crazy ones are the successful & happy ones. πŸ˜‰

Not to mention since being in North Carolina, opportunities have opened up left & right!

And they do for you too! It is all about taking that "fear" we all get and throwing it away, damnit!

How are you supposed to know the outcome if you never try?!

Ok I could go on ALL day! BUT I am going to stop right here.

At this point, you are probably asking, "Well how do I start, though? How do I take that next step?"

And ALL of these ideas are running through your head and inspiration is running through your veins giving you chills, right?! because you are excited & inspired!

Honestly, JUST START! Write your ideas down, Put them to life one day at a time. Tackle it day by day. It is hard some days, easier others. You will need to ask lots of questions. BUT simply figure it out. & START. I cannot stress it enough.

This WHOLE point of this post is to light a fire under YOUR ass! Go after what it is that you love, dammit! There are NO directions, no guidebook. It's your journey, different from every single person.

This post may reach 3 people, it may reach 300,000 people. My goal for this entire post is to inspire someone and if I can do that to even just ONE person, I have accomplished today's goals.

Please feel free to share!

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